Performance Polo

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We offer a line-up of quality products in a full array of colors & sizes for men AND ladies! Affordable prices!

Additional Information

We recognize that budgets have tightened to the point that many schools and organizations can no longer afford to purchase shirts for each staff member. If you are fortunate enough to have available funding, tell us how many garments you plan to purchase, what style(s) you are interested in, and we will quote you prices in writing.
If you do not have the funds allocated to purchase a shirt for each member, but want to offer them the opportunity to purchase their own shirt(s), we will create an order form INCLUDING: (a) the garments and colors you want to choose from; (b) create an embroidery design that you like; (c) and publish pricing for each garment. As long as the same design is embroidered on all garments, we are delighted to offer you an assortment of garments to choose from! Should you desire some returnable plain garments for sizing purposes, we will invoice you for the selection of samples you request (pre-payment required: school check, money order, or credit card accepted). After your sale is completed, whatever sample garments you return to us, you will be issued a refund for those garments.
Lastly, any member who orders the wrong size will need to resolve this by selling or exchanging with another “member of the team”; or, your principal can purchase it & sell it to a future staff member; we cannot refund for custom embroidered garments. If a garment has a defect or flaw that we did not “catch”, we will issue a refund or replace it at no charge!

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