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Senior Class of 2022! If you are looking for a truly custom SENIOR experience for all your Senior apparel, you have come to the right place. We will create a dynamic and unique design based on your concepts. This is not a cookie cutter process for your students! We can print T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and more with your Senior Class of 2022 design!

Additional Info

Typeset names:
There are 3 formats:
1- Names in columns
2- Names in rows
3- Names in spiral format

For large senior classes of 300-600, the first two are best. For smaller classes of 200 or less, we can arrange names in a spiral pattern.

Signature format:
We SPECIALIZE in signature shirts! Many screen-printers dislike producing signature shirts, and others “cut corners” by providing you a template, and asking you to have the students sign the actual artwork. We promise you this method does NOT compare to the results you will see from us! We provide signature forms for your seniors to sign, and art pens for them to use. Our artists scan the original signatures, re-sizing them as needed to create a more uniform size and amount of space per signature and “position” them on the artwork artistically. This process is much more time consuming for us, but will produce clear legible signatures and a spectacular finished product. Senior classes of more than 200 students will need to go with typeset names; there is just not adequate space for more signatures than that to produce a shirt with a spirit of excellence in mind.

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