We started printing school shirts in 1985 and have evolved over the years to a full-service company, expanding to school and corporate embroidery, novelty items, and graphic art services. Our Mission Statement is to “put a spirit of excellence upon all that we do”.

Our graphic artists are tops in the field, and we pride ourselves in our level of creativity. We are not a “cookie-cutter” screen-printer; tell us your idea and our artists will create the perfect design for you. We also create logos for brand new schools and companies. In 1988 we began a new program for 5th and 6th graders, to commemorate the milestone of “graduating” from elementary school and “moving on” to middle school. Our custom-drawn “signature shirts” have original student signatures, cool graphics, mascot and school name, etc. This program has been a resounding success, and we’ve put “smiling faces” on thousands of students through the years. The positive feedback we receive is not only exciting/fun for us, but also motivating because we sense these shirts, in their own little way, build the self-esteem of the school & the students who are “moving on” to middle school.

In 1995 we entered the custom embroidered apparel industry and in 2003 began a focus on school staff apparel. We feature quality garments at affordable prices, offered in both men’s and ladies’ styling. Educators want to look professional, without having to pay inflated prices; we “get that”!

In 2004 we expanded our “signature shirt” product to 8th graders to commemorate ‘graduating’ from middle school and “moving on” to high school. Some schools like to have the high school graduating year as their point of emphasis on their shirts so students can wear them all 4 years in high school. Other customers like to represent the current school year; we let you choose!

Customer service is vital to us; we return phone calls and emails promptly, meet deadlines, print quality apparel, and stand behind our work! We want all of our customers to love their finished products, so we take great care to offer advice that will result in dynamic merchandise. If we make a mistake, we don’t just say ‘sorry’, we ‘make it right’! You may search and find lower prices somewhere else, but we are convinced that you will NOT find a better value ANYWHERE!

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