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Apparel and t-shirts for the students graduating middle school, the Class of 2022 or for the same students who will eventually be the Senior Class of 2026! Since 8th graders are ready to be high schoolers, we originated a concept where we feature cool graphics with their signatures, their High School graduation year but no school name or mascot.

That means their 8th grade t-shirts can be worn at any high school the 8th graders attend and still be relevant as the Class of 2026. Or if you prefer, choose a design you like and we will add your school name, mascot and current graduation year. It’s up to you!

Additional Info

We SPECIALIZE in signature shirts! Many screen-printers dislike producing signature shirts, and others “cut corners” by providing you a template, and asking you to have the students sign the actual artwork. We promise you this method does NOT compare to the results you will see from us! We provide signature forms for your students to sign, and art pens for them to use. Our artists scan the original signatures, re-sizing them as needed to create a more uniform size and amount of space per name and “position” them on the artwork artistically. This process is much more time-consuming for us, but will produce clear legible signatures and a spectacular finished product.

You can pick any of the designs on our site, take “bits and pieces” of different designs and put them together, or our artists will create custom graphics based on any idea or theme you give us. We are NOT a COOKIE-CUTTER screen-printer; everything we do is personalized for your school. Some schools choose to use the high school graduation date as their point of emphasis on their shirts so students can wear them all 4 years in high school. Others choose the current school year; whatever you want is what we will setup for you. Everything is included in our prices; you do not pay art fees for our design work nor set-up charges. And your order is shipped freight free UPS Ground. (Prices are noted on the tab marked ‘prices’.)

To facilitate a “stress-free” project that moves smoothly and efficiently, we will provide you with a checklist of each step of the process. We do not print this on our website, as it has taken us years to tweak it, and we prefer that a competitor create his/her own; hope you understand! If you choose to work with us, we guarantee a pleasant experience, and wonderful shirts that your students will love!

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